Who inspires you to be a leader?

We have launched the blog with some fairly challenging and thought provoking articles.  I say “Thank you” to those of you who are actively participating so far.  That seems altogether appropriate on this morning after Thanksgiving. You have been some of the first to step up and put your thoughts down “on paper” for others to read and to open yourself to others comments.

But I am trying to build momentum in the conversation and draw more into the flow.  And I wondering this morning about a question of inspiration.  My question is this.

Who inspires you to become a great leader?

I don’t necessarily mean a well known or a popular leader. And I am not necessarily looking for the overtly religious answer.  But who is your source of inspiration for leadership?  Who do you look to for guidance?  Who do you feel is demonstrating practical and functional expertise in the various areas of leadership?

The follow-up question is obvious.  Why are they an inspiration?  What about them inspires you?

Winston-ChurchillI will be brave and provide one of my favorite leaders of all time.  He is Winston Churchill.  Recently read a very short biography of his life.  He was indeed a very colorful character and led a very interesting life.  I am not endorsing his style or his activities in all facets of life.  As many know, his family situation was a bit of a train wreck.  But when Great Britain, and indeed the western world, needed a stalwart and steadfast leader, Winston Churchill had positioned himself in such a way that he could lead that nation through its darkest hour and in to its finest hour.  His attitude of high expectation and never give up spirit inspired a nation and the world to overcome the aggressive Nazi savagery and that nation helped put an end to World War II.

Now what about you?  Who inspires you?  And why do they inspire you?  What is an example of their leadership that comes to your mind quickly when you think of that person?



6 Replies to “Who inspires you to be a leader?”

  1. My family. As a man, husband, and father, my family motivates me to become a better leader.
    I hope to portray manhood, responsibility, and fatherhood to my boys. As a husband, I pray to be the man that my wife said “YES” to trust and guide her.

  2. OK, great answer. But not exactly what I was looking for. I view your answer as one relating to “purpose” rather than “inspiration”. I see your point and I agree. And we need to be inspired to strive by those closest to us.

    But how about an external source or a historical figure? Does anyone come to mind?

  3. Paul, more than any of the other apostles, inspires me. He is not what many would normally view as a leader but his life and his writings have exuded the substance of the gospel of Christ, which, when all is said and done, is, in my view, the only thing that matters.

  4. I read all these responses and agree with them all. As Rene wrote, my kids inspire me to be a leader, because I want to be the one they look up to and that pushes me to be a better person. Then after reading Kevins response, I though about it for a while and have decided, there are lots of “external sources” that cause me to want to be a leader, but I realize they are all negative sources. I want to be a leader to show my girls that the Kardashians and Lohans are not positive role models, and to lead them to positive activities that stimulate them spiritually, mentally and physically.

  5. I wonder what the responses would be like if I posed the question differently. What if I had asked, “Which leader would you like to emulate or imitate?” I think that is the external angle that I was aiming for. Perhaps I will try again in a few days with a post that poses the question differently.

  6. I wonder if it is the individual’s response to a moment or season in life that defines great leadership. Churchill was the right man at the right time.
    I do not know if I am inspired by other leaders to be a great leader. I do admire their examples of leadership but I am more motivated by those brief moments in my life that lend themselves to opportunities.

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