Is it really leadership if I don’t know I am doing it?

Is it really leadership if I don't know - 1Is it really leading if I don’t know it is happening?  That is the question that I have begun pondering in the last few days.

For those of you that participated in the Seriously, why do we lead? discussion, I say thanks.  But one of the threads that I seemed to see in the comments on the site and those that happened in facebook and other social medial caused me to ask the fundamental question; “Is it leadership if I am not aware of it or it is happening without my direct knowledge and awareness?”  In other words, must there be intentionality to leadership?

I don’t think that I have time to flesh this thought and idea out fully at this time.  So, on this early Monday morning in June I will just put some questions out there and ask you for some feedback and comments.

  1. Can we be leaders and be unaware of or leadership role?  And if so, what would that look like?
  2. Is leadership and support for a greater cause the same thing?  In other words, is giving support to a greater cause the same thing as leadership?
  3. Can we be accidental leaders?  Or, perhaps, better asked, can we be unaware leaders?
  4. Does leadership require a measure of intentionality in order to really be leadership?  Must we do what we do on purpose?
  5. What are some other words that can be used to describe leadership?

I hope that you will ponder this and then weigh in on this and throughout the week.  Rest assured that your comments will shape my thoughts and will show up in a future post or article.

Have a great week.

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2 Replies to “Is it really leadership if I don’t know I am doing it?”

  1. These are interesting thoughts Kevin, really too much for a Monday morning, but I will try.
    1. I think those of us that were raised up by strong leaders, or strong positive influencers, do lead out of habit or it is our personality. I think it looks a lot like you, and Rene, Rodney and other good men I know, you lead by example, with great character.
    2. I would say yes, I think great leaders have a greater cause. Whether it is a problem to be solved, a Team to be led, or a hill to be taken.
    3. Yes I think accidental or unaware leaders happen often. They are people with strong convictions that other people can rally around and together they can move mountains.
    4. I think at some point, a leader must be intentional, as they have to continually reasses the roles they and the members of there team have.
    5. Guidance, Management, Direction,

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