The Big Let Down

Big Let Down - Aftermath

It has been 2 days since Christmas. And you can go ahead and admit it. You are feeling a little let down after all of the excitement, aren’t you? The presents are all unwrapped. There may still be a big mess. But the fun part is over.

Well, maybe that is part of the problem. The fun part (the party or the kids ripping presents open) is over and there is nothing left but the cleaning up of the mess from Christmas morning. We all feel that “big let down” right about now.

That feeling is normal. We all feel it sooner or later throughout the Holiday season. It comes sooner and more pronounced for some than for others. But there is always a little bit of disappointment around about now.

Everyone likes decorating the tree. We can’t wait to get the tree and get it decorated and begin enjoying the Christmas season. But no one wants to put the tree away and pack away all of the ornaments and lights for next year. That is such a let down.

What is the leadership lesson here?

Big Let Down - Clean-up

Real leaders persevere through the unpleasant aspects of leadership. Real leaders are less affected by the big let down than the followers. Here are a few observations about real leaders:

  • Real leaders do the hard stuff.
  • Real leaders do the stuff that isn’t glamorous.
  • Real leaders don’t let the big let down get them down.

It is hard to stay positive once the excitement of a big event has passed. But that is one of the things that separates the real leaders from the “wannabes” that we discussed recently.

I wish I could say that I am as excited about putting Christmas decorations away as I am to get them out. But, the truth is that I am not. In fact, my wife prefers that I not be around for that task. For some reason she thinks the ornaments and lights will be less likely to get broken or lost if she does it herself.

How do you respond to the big let down that so many feel at this time of year? Does it come sometime after the New Year for you? How do you face it and what help you rise above the big let down?

Leave us a comment and let us know how you handle it.

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4 Replies to “The Big Let Down”

  1. Is it wrong for “emotional stuff” to affect a leader? Should you not allow your “team” to see you “bleed” so to speak? I have done a lot of thinking lately about let down and even failure. Is it failure for your followers to see you stumble even make a mistake? Isnt there some human aspect in the chance for your followers to see you redeem yourself?

    1. It is impossible to NOT be affected emotionally by what goes on in and around us. I think the point I was trying to make is more about perserverance than failure. But your point is well taken. I do think our followers (especially those closest to us) need insight into the real me and realize that I struggle, yet I overcome.

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