Without a vision . . . Without a leader . . .


I have heard many provide insight into the popular passage from Proverbs 29:18.  In fact, I wrote about this very same passage back on January 1st of this year.  In case you are not familiar with it, it goes like this:

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

It is often used as an exhortation to go out and do something big.  Something that requires great vision.  And without something big to strive for, folks will surely die.  Now, I could discuss what that verse may really be saying, but for purposes of this leadership blog I will stick with one of the more common applications of the verse.

The application of that verse that is most common would call us to greatness and to do things that we cannot see with our own eyes.  But consider for a moment the execution of that verse.  Vision is great and I am all for it.  But vision without leadership is nearly pointless.  If people perish without a vision, I think that without a leader they will wander aimlessly in search of direction.

You and I are leaders.  We are called to lead.  Let’s align ourselves with a vision.  Or let’s collectively seek the vision of those among us with those skills.  And then let’s pursue that vision with energy, enthusiasm and with discipline.  Let’s see the vision and then say follow me!  I know how to get us there!

“Where there is no vision the people perish”
Proverbs 29:18

“Where there is no leadership the people wander aimlessly.”
K.E. Bowser


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  1. Maybe it’s because I’m not in the field of “change management” but I have never heard that verse before. I love how God’s word can always surprise us. Well said Kevin.

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