Thursday Thought: Failing Organizations

Failing Organizations - 1Being involved in the realm of leadership coaching and leadership development, I choose to observe things that many do not take notice of.  And there is a constant that is visible to all those who would look closely.

“Failing organizations are usually overmanaged and underled.”

Warren G. Bennis is credited with this quote.  Bennis grew up within a working-class Jewish family in Westwood, New Jersey.  He enlisted in the United States Army in 1943 and would go on to serve as one of the Army’s youngest infantry officers in the European theater of operations.  He served bravely and was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.  (I like him already!)

He spent much of his career in the academics and in leading great academic institutions.  He authored or co-authored 30 books.  He may have been the one to coin the phrase “ . . .  is like herding cats.”

Failing Organizations - 2One of his most well-known works, On Becoming a Leader, originally published in 1989, lays the foundation that a leader must be authentic.  He uses words that speak of the need to Continue reading “Thursday Thought: Failing Organizations”

A Thought for Thursday

Thursday Thought 1 - 1I think that at some point it is reasonable to be judged based upon our performance and not just our intentions.

So much of what is mainstream thought today seems to indicate that as long as you try really, really hard, then you have accomplished something.  You have expended effort.  But effort is not the same thing as accomplishment.

Is effort enough when it comes to leadership?

Are good intentions enough?

I have a lot of thoughts buzzing around my head today and I am curious if you have any thoughts based upon my opening statement.  If you do, I would love to hear them.

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