A Thought for Thursday

Thursday Thought 1 - 1I think that at some point it is reasonable to be judged based upon our performance and not just our intentions.

So much of what is mainstream thought today seems to indicate that as long as you try really, really hard, then you have accomplished something.  You have expended effort.  But effort is not the same thing as accomplishment.

Is effort enough when it comes to leadership?

Are good intentions enough?

I have a lot of thoughts buzzing around my head today and I am curious if you have any thoughts based upon my opening statement.  If you do, I would love to hear them.

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5 Replies to “A Thought for Thursday”

  1. Why would we judge based on intentions? Maybe I am the wrong person to interject here but, performance or maybe follow thru or outcome is better. We wont always succeed, but we must always do something. Its like Yoda said, “There is only do or do not, there is no try”. I make alot of military analogies, and this post wont be any different, but intending to do something isnt doing something. I think you must always make a decision and move forward, it may not be the correct one, and it may not be the outcome you wanted, but by God, no one ever succeeded by standing still and intending. Your performance must be judged, in my chosen profession, I cannot simply make some cold calls and hope someone calls me back, follow thru is what makes the difference. Only good intentions could have bad consequences if there is no action at all.

    1. I am not advocating for judging by intentions. In fact, quite the opposite. It seems that it is modern culture that judges based upon intention. It seems that all you have to do when you fail is just tell everyone how hard you tried and that makes it all ok.

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