Coming Attractions: Leadership Language

CA - Language - 1As a leader, am I hanging on to the past or am I grabbing on to the future?

This is an important question to consider because it speaks to our nature, to our ability to change, and to our willingness to adapt in order to become an effective leader. It also speaks to the everchanging landscape of language when it comes to leadership.

In the coming days I will be taking a look at leadership and the language of leadership. Some will call this language “buzzwords” and they would be correct. And although I think that there is more to leadership than language, language is vital as it is the most common medium of communication. And it is the shared language of the communicator and the “communicate-ee” that facilitates the transmission, reception and the all important feedback loop.

CA - Language - 2Are there leadership terms that are standing the test of time? If so, what are they? Are there leadership words that have faded with the whims of pop culture?

I plan to be collaborating on this with someone who may be new to this audience but he is not new to me. I knew him as a teenager many years ago and I have recently reconnected with him on the topic of leadership.

Leadership Voices is anxious to introduce a new voice to the discussion and incorporate some of his writings into ours so that we are always bringing you fresh “thought leadership”. Oooops. There was one of those pesky buzzwords.

Stay tuned in the coming days. And leave us a comment with some of your favorite buzzwords, both old and new.

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