The Importance of Order

imageI was reminded again last night about the importance of order and decluttering in the life of a leader.  Clutter and the lack of order steals our attention and robs from us the ability to focus on the tasks that we need to accomplish.

That was one of the points in Rodney Mills‘ Personal Mastery Plan Workshop that I attended last night.  It was an awesome experience and it has caused me to re-examine some aspects of my life that I have not examined in quite some time.

imageLate last evening following the workshop, my daughter snapped a photo of me in my little home office and it has caused me to think and schedule some time to declutter my workspace at home.

Creativity and inspiration flow better for me when I have an open and clear work environment.  The more papers and old magazines and cables and chargers that are surrounding me, the harder it is for me to write and think.

So, what is the leadership point?

It is this.  Leaders need clarity and focus if they are to be the most productive and effective.  And clutter works against that.  Are all leaders “neatniks”?  Probably not.  But, why not do everything, even the simple thing like decluttering your desk, to make yourself better and more effective in whatever you choose to do?

Photo credit: Georgia National Guard / Foter / (CC BY 2.0)

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